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How are you doing?

So tell me, how you doin’?* Really…how are you doing?  Statistics show that 80% of people are unhappy with their jobs and that carries over to much of their lives.  A Time article notes that only 30% of American’s consider themselves happy (and happiness quotients are different for each country worldwide.) Why such low satisfaction?  I call it the GarbageFactor™.  The GarbageFactor™ is all the things that you have to deal with that you didn’t bargain for.  I’ve dedicated this site to helping you solve those problems both as an organization and as an individual.

The GarbageFactor™ = Obstacles

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The GarbageFactor™ is the collection of things that get in the way of your success, satisfaction, and happiness.  It is:


    • Dealing with difficult people
      • or Feeling like YOU are the difficult person
    • Having a boss that makes work miserable
      • or Having that employee that keeps HR on speed dial
    • Unexpected problems or delays
      • or the Inability to deal with those problems and delays


The GarbageFactor™ could be something small that gets in your way of accomplishing a task or goal.  Or something huge that affects your entire life.  It’s what keeps customers and employees from being engaged, and it gets between people trying to work together to resolve a problem.  It can also be the real or imagined obstacles we put in our own way.

This is where you come to solve these problems!  Though I generally speak at workplace events, the majority of my lessons are as appropriate for your personal life as they are for your work life.


“Extremely valuable, applicable both personally & professionally; there is still hope.” C. Kotowski, Naval Inventory Control Point

“Marian is a very energetic and motivational speaker. She said things that turned on my ‘light bulb’ and are applicable to both my personal & professional life.” L. Bass, Honeywell

You need solutions!  I provide them.


My solution strategy is simple:


Be Real

“It was better than reading any ‘self-help’ book! I learned lessons I’m sure I will use now and in the future. Hated that it ended too quickly.” J. Lawrence, Gemplus

“This was not ‘training info’ but ‘trusted advice’ from a wise & knowledgeable friend, Thank You!” M. Nalliah, Bethanna


Give Useful Tips

“Marian is full of ‘super’ information with a wonderful presentation program!” D’Elia, Stafford Board of Education

“Our current and emerging leaders will benefit from your efforts to strengthen their leadership skills. I appreciate your contributions to our successful conference.” Dona Flory, CAE, American Academy of Family Physicians


Help people laugh

“Your presentation on Communication was outstanding and met the needs of our staff members. Your presentation was informative, humorous and motivating.” Dr Gwendolyn Mathews, Head Start Programs Long Beach Unified School District


“Marian was always one of our top-rated presenters. She has an amazing ability to combine humor and poignant content that together make for an entertaining and results-driven presentation. What impressed me most about Marian was the time investment that she made before each session to intermingle with the attendees and identify their specific personal and business challenges. She wove these specifics into each presentation.” Heather Rose, VP Learning & People Services, The UPS Stores


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*I am completely aware of the colloquial form of this phrase.  I’ve used it most of my life and still greet people that way in spite of the teasing I get that references a 90’s show that popularized that phrase.  Some things I choose not to change because they are a part of the quirks that make “me” me.  I encourage you to do the same.